The Extended Privet Family


Carl Prescott – trumpet, trombone, fluegelhorn
Tim McNally – bass, vocals
Sean Rose – bass
Will Hagan IV – guitar, keys, vocals
Matt Lynott – percussion
Leo Dombecki – bass
Sebastian Braun – voice
Anna Roberts – violin
Jesse Charnow – percussion, tabla
Sean G. Walsh – guitar, vocals
Dillon Casey – keys, vocals
Nolan Greene – percussion, vocals
Julien Cantelm – percussion, vocals
Elliott Winicki – bass
RC Krueger – woodblock, voice
June Owatari – sleigh bell, voice


BLURT2-Privet_t658 copy
We did a little interview with Dave Good over at the SD Reader, and it turned into an article about what we’ve been up to lately. Check it.

Coming into focus.

Artwork is almost ready, album is undergoing final touches and snazzy additions, new material being worked on, et cetera et cetera et cetera. Holy moly.

movies and such.

This here is an update. Sean and I worked on two movies recently: Sweet, Sexy Ocean – a documentary about sea urchin diving in San Diego, and Eternity: The Movie – a comedy about an 80’s R&B duo. Yup. Also, the new LP is nearly finished. Decided to call it The Path Integral. Keep an eye out.